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Design+Build Process

The QMA Design+Build Process

  • Initial Consultation (No Charge): Meet with Todd Miller, the owner of QMA Design+Build, LLC and a NJ & PA licensed Architect with over 30 years experience in the design and construction of custom homes. Bring in your survey, your elevation certificate and all of your dreams and desires for your new home. Money is always a difficult conversation to have, but because each home we design is unique and the design we created to fit your specific budget we will want to discuss the price range you will be comfortable investing in your new home. Todd will discuss these with you and assist you in determining the next step to take.
  • Preliminary Design and Cost Feasibility Analysis (Fee): Once you are ready to start work on your dream home, we will prepare for you our proposal to provide a Preliminary architectural design along with the exact construction cost for the proposed design. During this phase of the work we will:
  • Zoning: Determine the precise municipal Zoning requirements for your property, such as the building setbacks, the maximum building height, the percentage of the lot that can be covered by the building, the percentage of the lot that can be covered with impervious surfaces, the number of parking spaces you are required to have on your property etc.
  • Flood & FEMA: Evaluate the FEMA rules for building at this location. This will tell us how high your house will need to be above sea level and what type of foundation system we will need to design.
  • Building Codes: Review all building department requirements for your proposed new home. There are different building code requirements for homes based upon the size of the home, the number of floors the home has and how close the home is located to the property lines.
  • The Program: Prepare a detailed program of your wants and needs. This begins with a list of rooms, areas or needs that you want this home to satisfy but also includes a detailed discussion about how you and your family intend to use the home, when they use the home, whether you enjoy entertaining casually, formally or not at all. Plans for future additions to your family, through marriage of your children or hoped for grandchildren. Many of our customers also tell us that they hope to one day move into their shore home full time. In these instances we make sure our designs address the differing needs a year round lifestyle brings.
  • First Design Concept:
  • Preliminary Design: Based upon the information gathered in the steps described above, our in house architects begin the creative process of designing your home to meet all of the criteria determined in the steps above.
  • Material Specifications: Based upon the solution described in the Preliminary Design we will create a detailed material specification for all of the major materials and components that go into your unique home. This includes everything from roofing, siding and windows to flooring, plumbing fixtures and cabinetry. For some items like plumbing fixtures, light fixtures and appliances we will create allowances based upon the specific needs and direction you have provided us.
  • Guaranteed Cost Pricing: Based upon the Preliminary Design and Material Specifications, we will prepare a guaranteed price to build the new home described. This is not an estimate but a guaranteed price. This price will always be within your budget.
  • First Design Meeting: Once all of the items in the First Design Concept have been completed, we will meet with you to review our proposed design. During this meeting we will review the homes organization, room layout and flow. We will discuss the appearance of the home as well as the proposed material selected to ensure that love everything that we have done. Finally we will confirm the price to build the home presented. Upon completion of this review we will make a list of things you would like us to redesign, change or improve upon.
  • First Updated Design (Revision 1): Based upon the comments you provided us in our first meeting, we will revise the preliminary design, material specifications and budget to reflect the direction you gave us. We will then have a follow-up meeting to review the changes made. Sometimes however, the change we have made in these revisions bring up new ideas or require just a few minor tweaks. Also at this time we will present you with the initial draft of the proposed construction contract for your new home.
  • Second Updated Design (Revision 2): Based upon the comments you provided us in our second design meeting we will prepare the final preliminary design drawings, the material specifications and budget to reflect the direction you gave us. We will also review any comments or changes you have communicated to us about our contract and if everything is in order we will execute that agreement and begin the next phase of the work.
  • Pre Construction Phase: After approval of the construction contract, QMA will prepare the detailed construction drawings, submit them to the municipal building department and obtain construction permits to build your new home.
  • Construction Phase: Once the building permits have been issued, we will begin construction of your new home. During this stage of the process you will work with our in-house selections manager or we will work with your interior designer as you select all of the various materials that go into your new home. Though most of our clients are from out of town, we like to have at least one meeting a month to review the job progress and to discuss any open issues or concerns. For many customers this can be a Skype video conference or even just a phone call. During this phase of the project we will bill you once a month for work completed during the previous month.
  • Project Completion and Closeout: As we begin to get your home completed and after we have passed all of our building inspections, we will meet with you at the house to conduct two detailed inspections of the home. The first will occur approximately two weeks prior to your anticipated move-in date. During this meeting we will review with you everything that goes into the home and demonstrate the operation of all equipment and appliances and confirm with you that everything has been completed to your satisfaction. During this meeting we will create a list of anything that you would like us to address before you take occupancy of your new home. During the second follow-up meeting we will review your list to ensure that everything has been completed prior to your taking occupancy of your new home.
  • 11-Month Warranty Meeting: Approximately 11 months after we have completed your home we will contact you to set up a time for us to go through your home with you to see if there is anything you would like us to address.
  • 10-Year New Home Warranty: Each home that QMA builds comes with a 10-year written New home Warranty backed by Professional Warranty service Corporation (PWC) an A+ rated company.

QMA Architects applies our over 25-years of construction experience to the design of every building to ensure that our designs and construction drawings are easy to understand, easy to bid and easy to build. Our sister company QMA Design+Build, LLC no longer provides construction services but we can assist you in finding the most appropriate and qualified contractor for your project.

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