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Typical New Home Specifications

QMA Design+Build New Home Specifications

Though every new home we build is unique and will be tailored precisely to your desires, your needs and your specific site, most homes will contain the following specifications.

*Pre-construction Services:

QMA will prepare signed and sealed architectural construction documents and obtain all necessary construction permits from the municipal Building Department.

*New Construction:

  • Scope of Work: Provide all necessary permits, labor and materials necessary to construct the house described below and in the plans referenced above. The house shall be designed and constructed in conformance with the NJ Energy Star V. 3.0 Criteria and the 2009 International Residential Code, New Jersey Edition.
  • Permits: Submit and pay for all municipal building department permits.
  • Pilings: Shall be 8” timber pilings 25’ long. The entire pile installation shall be certified by an independent NJ licensed structural engineer to meet or exceed the design capacity.
  • Grade Beams: Shall be 20” x 20” steel reinforced concrete.
  • Foundations: Shall be 8” CMU with two coats of cement parging.
  • Framing: Floor joists shall be TJI type manufacturered joist by “I-Level” or similar manufacturer. Exterior and interior load bearing wall framing shall be 2x6 Hem Fir #2. All interior non-load bearing walls shall be 2x4 Hem Fir #2. Roof rafters shall be 2 x frame lumber also Hem Fir #2. Exterior wall and roof sheathing shall be ½” nominal OSB and all interior floor sheathing shall be ¾” tongue and groove OSB.
  • Roofing: Shall be GAF Timberline Series Lifetime shingle installed utilizing the manufacturer’s high wind installation procedures over 15# building paper in a standard color to be selected.
  • Exterior Windows: Shall be White Andersen 400 series Tilt Wash double hung windows with Stormwatch DP upgrade. The windows will have a white pre-finished interior and shall have Low-E4 glazing. All hardware shall be white and all windows shall be provided with Andersen insect screens.
  • Exterior Patio Doors: Shall be White Andersen 400 series Frenchwood Hinged patio Doors with Stormwatch DP upgrade. The doors will have a white pre-finished interior and shall have Low-E4 glazing. All hardware shall be white and all doors shall be provided with Andersen insect screens.
  • Siding: Shall be by CertainTeed in the sizes and configurations shown on the drawings. Install all siding over Tyvek housewrap with all seams tapped. Soffits shall be white Beaded Vinyl by CertainTeed, vented as required. All fascias shall be White PVC.
  • Columns: Shall be by HB&G or a solid PVC column wrap or similar in the sizes and configurations indicated on the drawings.
  • Gutters and Downspouts: Provide gutters and downspouts in a color to be selected.
  • Exterior Railings: Shall be low maintenance white vinyl railing system.
  • Decks: Shall be low maintenance type decking by Trex or similar manufacturer, installed with all stainless steel hidden fasteners.
  • Electric: Provide a new 200 amp panel and electric service to the house. Provide smoke detectors and CO2 detectors as required by code.
  • Plumbing: All new waste and vent lines shall be PVC. All new potable water lines shall be Pex or equal. All new gas lines shall be flexible type. Provide gas connections to all water heaters, air handling units, ranges and fireplace. Provide a whole house water shut off and drainage valve. Provide two outside hose bibs. Install a one Energy Star rated “On-Demand” type water heater.
  • HVAC: Install a NJ Energy Star rated high efficiency gas fired forced hot air and electric air conditioning system. Thermostats shall be by Nest. All equipment, ductwork and insulation shall be designed and installed in accordance with the current NJ Energy Star standards.
  • Batt Insulation: Provide R-30” Kraft faced batt insulation in the Attic. Provide 5-1/2” R-21 Kraft faced batt insulation in all exterior walls.
  • Drywall: All walls and ceilings shall receive ½” gypsum board with a “Level 4” finish.
  • Interior Trim: All interior Trim shall be paint grade.
  • Install 5” Finger Joint Pine colonial baseboards. All window and door casings shall be 3” finger joint pine colonial style.
  • Interior Doors Shall be 3 panel hollow core Masonite.
  • Paint: Paint all new interior walls and ceilings with two coats of a single color flat paint. Paint all new interior woodwork with two coats of a single color semi-gloss paint.
  • Cabinetry: All custom cabinetry shall be by New River Cabinetry and include ¾” plywood boxes and solid wood maple or cherry doors and drawers both equipped with soft door/drawer closers.
  • Countertops: All kitchen countertops shall be granite. All Bathroom vanities shall be cultured marble.
  • Appliances: Supply and install KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator, Range, Microwave and Dishwasher. All appliances must be energy star rated. See Allowances.
  • Stairs from First to Second Floor: Handrails, Newels and treads shall be oak, stained, risers and stringers to be painted pine or poplar.
  • Flooring:
  • First Floor Great Room and Kitchen shall be 2-1/4” x ¾” “select grade” solid oak, installed raw, sanded in place and finished with a stain and 3 coats of an oil based satin finish polyurethane finish.
  • Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms: Shall be ceramic tile flooring installed over tile board.
  • Bedrooms: All bedrooms shall be carpeted over padding.

*Project Completion:

Conduct two pre occupancy inspections with you. The first will occur approximately two weeks prior to the anticipate occupancy date. The purpose of this inspection is to create a list of any items that require our attention. Conduct a follow-up inspection to verify that all items are complete. Obtain a certificate of occupancy from the municipal City Building Department for the completed home.


QMA will provide a 10-year New Home Warranty through PWC or other state approved insurance company.

Post Occupancy Follow-UP:

We will conduct with you a follow up walk-thru inspection approximately 11 months after completion date or occupancy of the premises to determine if there are new issues to be addressed by QMA.

*All material specifications described above are a subject to change without notice. The specifications for each house that QMA designs and builds are tailored precisely to your needs, site and budget.

** “On your Improved Lot”: Each section of land, lot or property has its own unique requirements. The prototype homes include all costs necessary to construct the home, but not the costs that are variable based upon the specific location. These costs include but are not limited to clearing, demolition costs, curbs, sidewalks, driveways, walkways, landscaping, irrigation, fences, sheds and utility connections.

QMA Architects applies our over 25-years of construction experience to the design of every building to ensure that our designs and construction drawings are easy to understand, easy to bid and easy to build. Our sister company QMA Design+Build, LLC no longer provides construction services but we can assist you in finding the most appropriate and qualified contractor for your project.

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